Thursday, July 26, 2007

KokYew's Bday Celebration in Decanter ( Hartamas). Kokyew looks extremely cute in this pic.

Cake cutting session. He took quite long to make his wishes. Haha..

Cake feeding session.

This girl has the same birthday with Kokyew, but age wise. Hmm.. I'm not very sure

Just lazy to type things.
NOTE: All the pic posted were stolen from Jerry and CheeSiong

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Congrats Upon graduation to SinWei, KokYew, MingFoo, HooiKim, CheeChow, Eric, Mellisa, Gen, Ashvin, KangWei, Justin, etc etc.. Not to forget HongMei eventhough she din attend the grad ceremony due to emergency happened, she was forced to rush back to China.

Hoho.. No worry, next year will be my turn. Make sure you all gonna buy me flowers. Lolz~~

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MELAKA Trip Hoho~~ Melaka trip was really awesome. We ate lotsa delicious + yummy food. CHP still asked for souvenir. NO souvenir for you since u REFUSED to join us. Bler.. Well, I have forgotten the history behind A Famosa. Chee Siong told me a bit of it, but i still cant see the importnace of A Famosa. Haha..

This photo was taken by a professional photographer, as the camera he carried was that kind of v pro and v thich len that type. Btw, this photo was taken using CheeSiong's digital cam. GuoCong agreed with me that this pic looks PRO.

Pork Satay which is irrisitable. Yummy.. Instead of eating the chicken rice ball, I would recommend you to eat this. The sauce paste is special as well.

Miller Crepes aka Thousand Layer Cheese Cake. Slurrrppp Slurrppp... I think it's a must try food when you go to Melaka. It's near Mahkota, nearby TeamHair Acedemy / Saloon. RM7.00 per piece with different flavour, Cheese, Vanilla (original), Strawberry, Greentea.. I like the cheese miller crepes the most. It was sold out at 11am, so can see the popularity of this cake. A cheese cake lover was a bit disappointed as I didn't buy him a piece from Melaka. It's ok since he said he would try to bake by his own. Haha.. So funny.. I dun think he can make it.

For more picture, check it out from my facebook. Gtg, it's time to work again.