Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Day in HP

Yohoo... I hv resigned from LOTUS and I am now working in HP in Wisma Olympia. Hope that I can enjoy this kind of new working life. Everyone seems so busy. Thanks Guo Cong for telling me the vacancy.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Love is BLIND

I have seen lotsa case studies, mostly those who have fallen in love got blinded and the lost the sense of direction. Some of them were even willing to be fooled by the other half for times and times. Outsiders even can predict what can happen next and the accuracy is about 80%. BTW, I salute those ladies who are so capable and manage in such a perfect way. I thought of an example: If a relationship is a Project, I think she is a good project manager did the WBS solely. She spent lots of time in initiation and planning stages and never goes to closing. She would repeat planning and executing stages again and again. From what I see, she just wants to get advantages out of everything. The guy was being fooled over and over again yet still putting hope on her. What’s the reason behind which caused a guy being so foolish?

1) He loves her deeply.
2) She is still giving him hope and planning to continue with her plan
3) LOVE IS BLIND. The guy is blinded by her and he is willing to stay blind and is willing to be fooled…

Well, not that I am keep stepping this kind of lady. Not everyone is suitable to play this game. I am sure that I dun have this kind of EQ + IQ to play this kind of game.

Love is blind. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Basit's Bday BBQ party
Last saturday we went to Basit's bday party. He offered us lotsa CHICKEN, from normal bbq sauce chicken, his dad home made curry chicken, to Kenny Roger's chicken. Walao eh.. CheeSiong told me that he ate 15 pieces of chicken (Drunmstick + chicken wing). Faint... after that, we went to BRJ yamcha. It was the place I used to hang out a lot when I stayed in Alpha condo during yr 1, kinda miss that place.

Basit dad's Limo. He told us that there are only5 cars in this model in Malaysia and this is one of the five. *Wink* *Wink*

Bday boy cutting cake.

Group Photo for Chem Eng year 3. His house interior design looks like palace.

The cutie kid in yellow shirt is Basit's nephew who is only 4 yrs old. He is so cute~~

cheers~~ No alcohol but sprite and Coke.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


1) Missed the plane go back home during CNY. The was supposed to take 26th nite flight go back, Dunno y i ended up in airport on 28th.

2) I failed one of my paper in the exam. Omg...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Solution found...

Qianhui has found a 'web calculator' in which help you to calculation flowrate, pipe length, etc. It's quite useful, save up lotsa your time to convert to unit SI, you dun need to spend time to find out from book which equation to use... It's juz so easy and simple!!! Juz key in the value, choose the unit and press calculate. ANSWER!!! haha..

Anyway, the answer found is even smaller than what we hand calculated ( with the application of our MAterial knowledge - the module we took during yr 2 sem 1).

The 2 young bosses is not here. The office is more energitic. Usually when either one of the bosses is around, the office is damn quiet and quite tension. The 2 bosses are brother who are quite young ( younger than 30 yrs old). And... Hmm.. Shouldnt talk sth bad of the boss. Haha.. Coz every month I still gonna get RM300 from him.

Yesterday CheeSiong dare me!!! If i dare to 'fried' my boss sotong, he would treat me 3 meals for one WHOLE month. Hmm... I told him that, 30days of meals is definately more than RM300. Worth to think about it rite?? Lolz... As I actually have completed my intership last year.


I have nth to do coz I'm waiting to discuss my problem with supervisor. We have found out the thickness of the stainless steel pipe to be 0.0129mm which sounds very inconvincing for the use of high pressure. Normally ppl use 0.8mm for normal pressure usage. We have tried to search for info from internet, buy we hardly can get it. Hmmmm.....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I am current doing my internship in Lotus Scientific with montly allowance RM300 which is so HIGH and enough to pay for my rental only. Swt...

I am same group with QianHui. Our task is mainly design a membrane filtration equipment (RO and ultrafiltration). Well, the boss said in the same room with us, so we are quite tension when the 2 bosses are around. Most of the workers in the office juz join this company, everyone is still new to each other. Well, the rest of the interns are v serious in working, so although we are told that we can hv long lunch break or can go for a movie if we want during working hour. No one seems DARE to do so. Haha..