Monday, May 28, 2007

WHAT IF I.....
Few nights ago before I slept, I suddenly got this weird thought. Haha...
Have you ever had this thought? What If you got pregnant yet still have to undergo your normal life. As in for me, I still need to attend class normal. The first scene that I imagined was running from computer lab to engineering block to hand in the coursework before 4.30pm and also burning the mid night oil to finish the coursework or after exam party.. Hmm... All of these cant be done man. Does it mean that cant really lead a NORMAL life as a student? Cant even go to mamak at 2am. OMG... No no no... There are so many contraints up there. Swt...
Hey there, no worry, I M NOT PREGNANT. I juz had this weird thought and I am now sharing with you. Well, for guys, how your life will be if suddenly you become ppl's husband or father yet u still need to continue to persue ur study? Let's think about it....

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

This post is speically posted to my dearest fren, KahLin. She ever told me that she likes this poem very much. Well, this poem more or less brings the same meaning as the lyrics i posted previously.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference


Life is all about making decision. The road that you took has made all the difference.

Sometimes I would ask myself what if I didn't join Nottingham, what if I become a hairstylist? What if I stay back in Miri to further my study? What if I am a guy? What if....

Think back, there is no point for me to feel regret for the decision I hv made. If I have the special ability like Nicholas Cage has in his latest movie 'NEXT'- can see what would happen in advance of 2 minutes time and he can even see further after got to know his girl friend. Not necessary that I can live a happier life. Coz from the movie, he is sick of all the test he need to undergo and some ppl are in doubt with his special ability. Something that he impressed me a lot was actually his mind work pretty fast, as in he needs to react and make changes within that 2 minutes time. OMG.. Is there really exist this kind of human being in the world?


Monday, May 21, 2007

Gonna Miss you all....

This post is specially to all my beloved friends...

Chem Eng Nite-Everyone in Mis-matched outfit

Petaling Street hang out

My Birthday

Whenever i think of my friends are flying off to UK this September, I really feel sad and hope that time can rewind back to the time when I first met them. Our relationships were strengthen after we moved to the Jungle- Semenyih. We become closer after each battlement (CEL, RnD, PM project, etc). We spent days and nites to rush for assignment to meet the datelines.

HongMei The one who bought me Smiley face bun when I juz broke up wiv my ex. She's also the 'furtune-teller' in our gang. She predicts things pretty accurate. Some ppl are kinda scared of her and feel insecured as she can see what's in their mind. Hmm.. Next yr mostly she ll continue her MBA in Unim, hope that i still can hang out wiv her often.

I would never forget the time when both of us sat at the sofa outside MISC classroom to share our stories and her encouragement when I was very down. Thanks girl. *Hugz* There was once we went to the Mc D in petaling Street, she was the one who taught me how delicous those French Fries can be by adding in pepper to the tomato/Chilli sauce. Yummy... She is one of the most active Sing K kaki. She can easily get high. Haha.. N her muz Sing songs included the songs from Tata Young, 'Ferenheit'....

Dear, Thanks for boiling 'leong-sui' to me when I was sick.
She is the v first girl friend I know once I entered Unim. She was always the one went to MISC v early and 'chop' place for us. Haha.. N she din really pay attention in first yr maths class coz she is v pro in maths. She would usually do other coursework during the maths class.

She is also my housemate. Sorry that cant help you much when u have prob in your relationship. But I am always by your side to support you and willing to be the listener. I am sure that you all can settle it pretty well. Jia You~~~

I always told you that I wont miss you when you go UK. I am here to tell you that I will miss you more than those animals. Haha.. Bler.. =P

My doggie friend!!!
What can I say about him??
I have forgotten how I get to know him and forgotten how both of us ended up become sms kaki. Since when both of us started to quarrel at least once a week yet still can be good friend?
He is indeed a very cute friend and tend to be 'heavy colour light friend' ( His Quote). Well, as an super understanding fren like me, sure i wont blame him for doing so. Haha ..He is always the one who would appear to 'rescue' his catty fren when she was in big trouble and wont really show up for small trouble. Why ah??
Hmm... Hope that flower hearted bee can find his beloved flower in one day. Wish you all the best and strive for what you want.
By the time the BEE movie on screen (November), you will be in UK, I wish that we can watch that movie together. *Sob* *Sob*

Nicholas aka XiangSheng A v Smart guy in our class and is also a gentleman.
A caring friend with big eyes and cute rabbit tooth.

Hmm.. Get to know him better after being same group with him for Research and Development (RnD) project. Everyone of us has 24 hours per day, but he seems to have 48hr/day because he plays hard yet still obtain very good result. *Envy* *jealous* ... Hahaha...
I am grateful to have Nic always gave me a lift back to home after school, go for lunch, dinner, hang out, movie, sing k, etc etc.. Thanks a lot. =)
He is also the one whom I can share my happiness and sadness with. Well, he just told me that my born elastic modulus has dropped due to previously I ate too much of instant noodles. no worry, I ll gain it back by drinking more milk. Haha...

Jerry aka Mousey
He is my 'zi ji' who thinks a lot and thinks himself is a v simple ppl yet we think he is super complicated. Haha..
He 'sweats' a lot ( as in when you chat with him thru sms or msn, he would 'swt' a lot, not the real sweat k). Other than that, he is superb caring for his loves one and would do anything juz to cheer her up. In other words, he's v sweet. Hoho..
Miss the time we spent back to year 1 and 2. Lotsa memory flashed back... No matter wat happen, you are still my Zi Ji. Cat and mouse cant really stay peacefully rite? 'Tom' is always being fooled and bullied by 'Jerry'? Hmmm...


Ell was my lab groupmate when we were in yr 1. She is v efficient in doing her work.
During yr 2, her room was our gathering spot. There was once she accidentally thrown her 'Eo' (dunno how to spell) out of her window. she almost killed him. Haha...

Throughout the year 1 whole lab session, I wouldnt forget out last lab which was so time consuming the machine was super cacat, and she kept saying 'Is it time? Is it time?'


Chee Siong
I wasnt closed with him at all when we were still in MISC. But I always heard that Kahlin called him to discuss how to write the lab report ( coz they were in the same group).

In the second yr, we stayed on campus hostel and he bacame our 'si fu' to teach us.
He is indeed a SUPER helpful and generous friend. Healways treat us to eat Loong Foong food, so I would like to take this opportunity to promote his parents' Restaurant- Loong Foong. Haha..
It would take me 3 days 3 nites to type out what have you done to help. Deep in my heart, i really feel thankful. Thank you very much CheeSiong!! =)
If he doesnt want to be a chemical engineer after he graduated? He can consider to be a barber? Chief? Plumber? Wine 'maker'? Wine tester? Cigerrate Tester? Etc...

He cut his own hair with Alan's help i guess. Kahlin ever told me that it's v expensive to cut hair in UK, so DH can help his hengdai to cut their hair by charging them. But the prob is ' Do the hengdai DARE to risk their lengchai hair+head?' Hmm.. I am in doubt...

I like to eat his famous 'Terung'. Yummy.. When are u going to cook for me?

Alan aka Taiko
Alan- The Taiko of the class, he has become our class rap for 3 years consecutively, I think he ll still be the one in 4th yr. Hehe..

Juz like wat i read from his personal description in friendster, He would get sick if he doesnt go jogging. Haha.. Anyway, he's living a v healthy lifestyle and he is good in time management. Thx for all your help throughout the sem, esp in my study. =)

Glad to see you enjoying your 'Spring' season with your beloved flower blooming around you. Wish you all the Best.

I am gonna miss you all so so so much. Thanks for everything you have given me/ help me. Without you all, my outstation student life in semenyih wont be so fantastic. Thanx a lot. *Muacks*
Actually there are still lotsa of friends whom I not managed to upload their pic. If you are reading this post but your pic is not here, I am so sorry. Mayb you can leave your comment here, I promise I will post a one article juz MAINLY about you. Hahaha...
Miss you all...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kepong CRAB

The day after exam, we continued our Marathon competition by going to eat crab somewhere in Kepong. So sad that I forgot the name of the restaurant. Haha... Anyway, this dinner was eaten at around 10pm, should we call it supper? Lolz..

DengHui is v pro in this. So usually he's the one who pour the tea for us. Thanx a lot.

Take some pic b4 the crabs crawled to our table. Hoho..

This peanuts taste super delicious. Y? Mayb we havent eaten aynthing up to 10pm. Sad nyer..

Apa ni? Tak tau la.. This was the first dish, once it came i dun bother to ask wat is it. Juz eat!!
Haha.. Anyone can tell me wat is it?

Wat is this again?

Jerry looked super CUTe in this pic!! =P

HamSup Lou behaviour? Haha...

Friday, May 18, 2007

I ended my year 3 student life on 17th May, which was the last day of my exam. The last paper was as tough as we thought of, yet cant really score it. Y? Maybe we hv our mind set : This module is tough!!

Hurray!!! We took lotsa picture af ter the exam. Most of my classmates are going to UK next semester, so we grabbed the chance to take as many pictures as possible.

Justin Wong - The 'unofficial' PR officer of Nottingham.

My RnD groupmates
L: Nicholas, Me, CheeSiong, Basit

My beloved jimui
L:Kahlin, Hongmei, ME & Imelda

ShiawFui, u seem like want to rape Jerry??? Haha..

Grace, the smartest girl in our class.

My 5th ji mui, ---> CheeSiong~~
After that, we went to chill out in Genting... Muahaha..

We had our Supper + Breakfast in Petaling Street at around 4am. This is how petaling street looks like early in the morning. It looks so empty if compared with day time.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I am fade up wiv the selfishness of Human beings..

This is not the first time I was being conned. I am totally disappointed with what she has done. Sad case....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

There was a little girl who couldnt leave her mum for more than half an hour before she entered kindergarten. This little girl must made sure that her mum was around her and would cry like hell once she couldnt find her mum.
She entered kindergarten in the age of 3. Every morning she followed her mum to kindi happily wiv her favourite hairstyle ( pony tails on the left and right with ribbons). She liked to go to school coz her mum would buy her keropok or candy on the way to sch. At the beginning of the semester. before her mum left the kindi, she started to feel scared and tried to find lots of excuses to make sure her mum stayed back in the classroom/teacher's office. There were few times she 'acted' sick, telling her mum she got stomach ache, fever, dizzy.. etc...
Most of the time, this little girl went home wiv a v messy hairstyle coz she liked to play ' ghost chase human being' with her friends. She was the ghost. (Maybe she was the only one with long hair among her friends?)
As she grew up, she became more independent and started to spend less and less time wiv mum. She went to school early in the morning, had tuition in the evening/ nite time, bz online chatting, shopping in the weekend... She started to neglect her mum n took, care, love from mum for granted... Sometimes she even lose temper on mum when mum noticed she had problem and concerned about her.
After certain incident, she realised that no one in this world loves her as much as her mum and mum always tries to give the best to her. She knew she was wrong and felt very sorry to her mum for being so silly, stupid. Somehow, there is no point to feel regret for wat she has done but learn from mistake, never repeat this.
She knows that mum likes to go travelling, but becoz of her n her brother, mum couldnt manage to travel around so often. She hopes to travel as many places as possible with her parents once she started to work. This is her little wish.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!!






















這種人的個性大多溫和又體貼,大家都很喜歡和你這種人做朋友,而且大致上過著 順利的日子,是很有可能把握幸福的人.這種人頗受重視,常常有很多人依賴他/她,但有 時會被別人看輕,認爲你很好欺負.在現今的世界裏,尤其對想要成功的人來說,要有魄 力一點,要有拒絕別人的勇氣.

這種人總是給人一種很""""""""辣""""""""的感覺,在打扮上,也是傾向時髦亮麗 類型,經常想要引人注目.不過外表打扮上太過前衛,也許會給人很難接近的感覺,所以 有時最好避免,尤其出席正式的場合時.雖然你充滿活力與體力是很好的事,但周圍的人 不見得與你一樣,要多注意.

這類人的個性很爽朗,但也許有的人會給人""""""""過酸""""""""的感覺, 而讓 人感覺難以相處.其實基本上他們的個性是爽朗又易相處的, 給人的印象也很好.但由 於這種人有時會給人不知道他的心裏在想什麽的感覺,所以如果想和他做朋友的話,不 妨就稍微誇張地自我推薦一下吧

這種人的個性兼具嚴格及溫柔, 就算他外表看起來是很好說話的人,但其實他內 心是很堅持自我想法,又固執的人,不喜歡迎合別人,因此這種處事態度有時會引起某些 人的反感,其實,該妥協的時候就妥協,若能配合大家改變你的方式,就能成爲受到大家 尊敬且重視的人.

這種人的個性是既老實又樸素,剛開始可能會被認爲是個很無趣的人,但只要和你 交往久了, 就會發現你也擁有意外的特質,也是個很有想法的人.雖然在團體中不是很 出風頭,但仍能過著幸福的生活,而且,如果可以待在充份發揮自我專長的領域下,就會 有漸漸嶄露頭角的機會...

這種類型的人是很能自我控制的複合型個性的人, 而且做事方法很有彈性.至於 爲何是醬味,可能就是因爲醬中包含甜味或辣味的原因吧內在的內涵比外在的條件更 吸引人的注意,是這種人的一大特點,對他認識越深,就會越喜歡他...

這種人的個性是屬於精力旺盛,熱情揚溢的人, 但有時喜歡強迫別人,希望別人按 照自己想法做事,因此有時甚至會和周圍的人引發爭執,可是反過來說,這也是具有決策 力及行動力的領導人物所擁有的特質,記住想表現自己,也不要忘了爲他人著想。

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hmm.. Recently I m really sick of studying. Since I have no time to go shopping, so online look for pretty dresses or clothes. The following pictures were grabbed from website.